Sales rudder propeller, propeller full swing, full swing tugboat propeller;
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Azimuth thruster with tube
Azimuth thruster with contra-rotating propellers
Deck combination azimuth thruster
Hydraulic azimuth thruster
Lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers
Control Systems
Address: 2008 Li Hu Wuxi Li Lake Avenue Business Park 16
Manufacturing plants: Wuxi Xishan District of machinery and equipment industry park
Business Phone:0510-82231883 82261883
Technology Tel:0510-82231885 88739501
Fax:0510-82231887 88739511
上箱体-应力云图 上箱体-整体形变云图
下箱体-应力云图 下箱体下-应力云图
下箱体-整体形变云图 下箱体下-整体形变云图

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WEBSITE 2011 Wuxi Ruifeng Marine propulsion Co., Ltd
Headquarters Address: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Li Hu Li Lake Avenue, 2008 Business Park 16 manufacturing plants: Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province Machinery Equipment Industrial Park
Contact: Sit Mobile: 13961763050 Business Tel :0510-82231883 82261883
Technology Tel :0510-82231885 88739501 Fax :0510-82231887 88739511 E-mail:

Professional production: rudder propeller, propeller full swing, full swing tugboat, all rotating propeller
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