Sales rudder propeller, propeller full swing, full swing tugboat propeller;
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Azimuth thruster with tube
Azimuth thruster with contra-rotating propellers
Deck combination azimuth thruster
Hydraulic azimuth thruster
Lateral thruster with contra-rotating propellers
Control Systems
Ship Power Station
Road hereby series, Cummins series, Steyr series
Ships appliances
  Driving station
  Diesel Engine Speed Control
  Cabin monitoring
Wuxi Ruifeng Marine propulsion Co., Ltd
Address: 2008 Li Hu Wuxi Li Lake Avenue Business Park 16
Manufacturing plants: Wuxi Xishan District of
machinery and equipment industry park
Business Phone+86(0)510-8223188382261883
Technology Tel+86(0)510-8223188588739501

WEBSITE 2011 Wuxi Ruifeng Marine propulsion Co., Ltd
Headquarters Address: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Li Hu Li Lake Avenue, 2008 Business Park 16 manufacturing plants: Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province Machinery Equipment Industrial Park
Contact: Sit Mobile: 13961763050 Business Tel :0510-82231883 82261883
Technology Tel 0510-82231885 88739501 Fax :0510-82231887 88739511 E-mail:

Professional production: rudder propeller, propeller full swing, full swing tugboat, all rotating propeller
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